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Why Not Keep Up with the Joneses ...behaving your way to success.


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​​​Why Not Keep Up with the Joneses

...behaving your way to success.


The Best I Have to Offer


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...behaving your way to success. 

(August 2018)

Are you where you want to be in your career? Whether you started your career recently or you’ve been at it for some time, having the necessary skills and knowledge is imperative to help you grow, advance, and make the successful transitions when the opportunity presents itself. This book will help you put into action the steps to get you moving toward a better life, changing your behavior, and operating within your strengths and spiritual gifts.

This book is for you if...

  • You want to better the life you’re living.
  • You are starting your career.
  • You want to develop an awareness of your personal temperament.
  • You have accomplished goals in your current position, and you're ready to make a move.
  • You’re bored or not satisfied in your current position.
  • You need guidance from someone who has experience.

NOT DADDY'S GIRL (The Ex Chronicles Anthology)
(March 2016)

What would you do if you found out someone you love had lied to you for twenty-one years?

Love is a powerful drug…whether it’s the love of family, friends, or that special someone who takes your breath  away…chances are, you know the feeling. But what happens when it all goes wrong? Do you break up, then make up? Or do you just walk away?

In The Ex Chronicles, twenty talented writers share stories about relationships that falter…among spouses, lovers, family, and friends. . .these stories will make you laugh, cry, and root for the exes in these chronicles. Each riveting story reflects on broken bonds, bruised hearts, and open wounds – proving that all is fair in the battle of the exes.

Not Daddy's Girl - Madison Brown grew up feeling like an outsider as the middle child in a family of five. Although she questioned  her identity often, she never imagined the day she'd find out the truth. What twenty-one year old secret is her family keeping?

(June 2015)

What if you found out the love of your life just might be your cousin?

Gary Matthews is the type of man most women would want to marry. Unfortunately, all of his wonderful attributes appear futile because Gary has no control over the actions of his exes, his biological mother, and the health of his business partner. In spite of it all, Gary maintains that he will give his fiancée, Mia Nixon, the best he has to offer. While he fights to maintain the success of his firm, keep ex-girlfriends away, and keep his meddling biological mother out of his business, his personal life with Mia is unraveling. Does Gary have enough fight left to give the best he has to offer and mend the torn threads, or will he stand firm and give Mia the final offer before he calls it quits?

Mia Nixon has always focused on education and career instead of love and marriage. She was on top of the world traveling across the country speaking to large crowds on the subjects of leadership and the   dynamics of teams. Now that she’s met, fallen in love, and gotten engaged to the man of her dreams, Gary Matthews, Mia is certain that her heartaches from dealing with treacherous men will end. Epitomizing faithfulness, Gary also shows her that unsolicited drama can come in any form, to anybody, and from a multitude of influences. And then they discover they might be related.  


(March 2010)

What are the deal breakers in a budding relationship?

Mia Nixon has had her share of heartaches. That’s why the budding entrepreneur has hung up all hopes of happiness. That is, until she meets Gary Matthews. Sexy, handsome, intelligent, and looking for a monogamous relationship, Gary is everything Mia ever wanted in a man. He breaks down her wall and just when Mia decides to let down her guard and take a chance on love, she discovers that Gary’s got drama.

How much is too much? Between a certifiably crazy ex, and an assistant who continuously crosses the lines, will it all prove too much for Mia to take? Before all is said and done will The Best these two have to offer be enough?  Prepare for a roller coaster ride that will have you rooting for Mia and Gary one minute and urging them to walk away the next. And when all is said and'll be looking at love in a whole new light.